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Just the thought of divorce causes a wide range of emotions. Fear of the unknown seems to top the list. As with any major decision, information is power. Getting information on the process and what to expect can calm that fear. Our experienced divorce attorneys can evaluate your situation and help you make informed decisions. We begin with a consultation, to learn about your family and relationship, so that we can individualize your divorce process to fit your unique situation.

While there are contested and uncontested divorces, you are absolutely entitled to a divorce if you decide that you want one. Your spouse cannot keep you from getting a divorce.

Whether a divorce is contested or uncontested refers to whether or not you and your spouse have reached agreements to the terms of the divorce, such as division of property and debts and an agreed parenting plan providing for possession, access and support of the children. If you have reached agreements then you have an uncontested divorce and the process can be streamlined. If you do not have agreements then you have a contested divorce and we can help you with the negotiations, mediation and, if need be, trial of your case to the court.

The process of divorce is designed to help you reach agreements as to the terms of the divorce or prepare for trial so that the judge can order the terms of the divorce. While we strive to help our clients reach agreements outside of the court, we are always preparing for trial if negotiations fail. It is our goal to get you through the process as efficiently and painlessly as possible. We are with you every step of the way.


Why Hire A Divorce Lawyer?

We have been helping our clients in the Springfield area for 30 years. To meet with one of our experienced divorce attorneys and get the information you need to make decisions contact us at (413) 747-0700 today for a consultation.

The Process of Filing For Divorce?

It can be very difficult to go through a divorce. The process can be confusing and very emotional. It is important to work with someone that knows the law and has your best interests in mind. When you try to file a divorce petition on your own, you are accountable for identifying assets and dividing property, negotiating support and even figuring out the custody of your children.

over 30 years with a repuation of excellence

We have over 30 years experience helping various clients with their legal needs, with experienced and board-certified attorneys. We put our emphasis on helping our clients do what is in their best interest, and our clients’ needs always come first.


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